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DAKO was founded in 2013 and is a Georgian Distribution Company that provides High-quality Management and Logistic Service as Distribution, Storage and Transportation.

The Company managed by an experienced and motivated team of employees, which is actively involved in its development activities.

This Team has brought in the past a huge share of the business at Procter & Gamble, through a company that was established in the Georgian Market several years ago.

One of the strategic directions of DAKO since its foundation, is the introduction of quality products from Global Manufacturers, in the Georgian Market.

DAKO aim to build a great future via his strategy and policy that follow from the day of his creation and who based in:

  • Quality

  • High Services standard

  • Innovative Marketing

  • Passionate Team. 


Our Vision is……

To be recognized as the best Distribution Team in Caucasus

Our Mission is…  to create:

  • A strong Supply Chain

  • A rich portfolio with Quality Products

  • A quick, qualitied and On Time Delivery

  • And of course to have a Satisfied Client


DAKO with Headquarters and Distribution Center in Tbilisi, has the ability to supply the available portfolio, in the part of the country where it is happening the main consumption of the products.

The distribution of products is done, with its own fleet of trucks and by experienced personnel.

Moreover, the last 2 years, DAKO did an extension of the distribution coverage in 7 major areas of Georgia and supplies today 4.850 points.

With an experience and well training Sales Team, serves and properly cover the needs of its customers.

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