The Yiotis family has 80 years experience in the in the field of importing, processing and packaging spices, herbs and natural mixes.

The company began production in 1973 under the CAPTAIN'S brand name.

At all these years committed to their customers by the following:

  • Cover consumer needs with unique and innovative products.

  • Investing in the field of research and technology.

  • Their excellent quality.

CAPTAIN'S products fulfill the criteria of the American Spice Trade Association (ASTA), which monitors the quality of spices produced all over the world.

The facilities are located in Athens in a privately owned space of 3.000 sq.m. and it is the most modern in the field, while the production capacity is at present the largest in the Balkans.

It's products are distributed not only in Greece but also in other countries, such as: Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hungary, FYROM, Serbia, Romania, Georgia, Croatia, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and Canada.

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From 1955 until today AGRINO creates and offers consumers a variety of flavors to choose from, for their everyday meals, based on the values and passion of the Greek tradition.

The story begins when the three brothers from Agrinio City, start trading rice.

In a few year’s they establish their own rice production. At 1969, start selling rice products under the Brand AGRINO.

Special rice ranges, Greek Pulses, innovative and totally new products, became soon part of the production and the AGRINO portfolio.

Important is that Quality, has always been considered as the fundamental value of AGRINO successful course up to now.

Based on this core value and through its constant effort to strengthen Greek farmers and their crops, AGRINO has achieved to be the first private company   who produce a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) certified pulses- product, Giant-Elephant Beans from Kastoria (Northern Greece).

Today AGRINO products are in the No1 position, in consumer preference.

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E.J. Papadopoulos S.A. is one of the largest food companies in Greece with a long history dating back to 1922 when the Papadopoulos family began its first production of biscuits.

The company strategically invests in Greece, currently owning four modern manufacturing facilities housing state-of-the-art equipment in different regions of Greece, as well as a central warehouse covering a 110.000 m² area. Overall, the E.J. Papadopoulos S.A. workforce exceeds 1,290 experienced and highly skilled employees.

Today, the company is the market leader in the Biscuit category in Greece, and it has successfully expanded into other categories, such as bread, bread substitutes and cereal bars. Holding a leading role in the Biscuit category with a strong heritage, E.J. Papadopoulos S.A. boasts a wide range of high quality and delicious products - a vast portfolio consisting of 34 brands that are highly recognizable in Greece. In addition, it enjoys an increasing International awareness through its presence in more than 55 countries worldwide in 5 continents.

Through its dedication to its corporate values, “Quality-Innovation-Respect for the Consumer”, E.J. Papadopoulos S.A. has succeeded in becoming the first choice for millions of consumers, which is of the highest value among numerous awards received all these years at many international and domestic food fairs.

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MEGA Disposables S.A. founded in 1980 and it is today one of the largest manufacturers of disposable hygienic products in Europe. It has created a complete range of branded personal hygiene products, which combine excellent quality standards with exceptional skin-friendliness properties, based on:

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • Innovative product design with distinct Unique Selling Proposition

  • Pioneering production techniques

  • Continuous investment in consumer research

  • Impactful marketing support.

Investment in research and development is uninterrupted in MEGA.

The company regularly follows the trends in consumer needs and carefully plans the appropriate product design and technology adjustment actions.

Constantly investing in state-of-the-art technology and quality control equipment, but also in experienced personnel. MEGA encompasses today a valuable combination of modern technology and excellent know-how in its field.

Company has 480 employees and a privately – owned building of 63.000m2.

The last year’s MEGA with their well-known brands, curry a very big share in the Greek Market.

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The Nutritional product company JOTIS is a 100% Greek company, who was founded in 1930 by John and Maria Yiotis. Its first product was RICE CEREAL, who was the first packaged infant food that was produced in Greece.

JOTIS Company today, produces packages and distributes in Greece and abroad, almost 100 different products.

Company facilities today occupy 30.000 sq. meters in 2 factories in Athens, which operate with the most up-to-date mechanical equipment in Europe.

Consumer love and trust for JOTIS products, is a motive for the constant development of the company with new products in new markets in Greece and abroad.

Since 1995, all company’s data is stored and processed in databases of special specifications and quality control, in order to safeguard the full monitoring of products and integrated application of product quality assurance (HACCP).

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Company KALAS has 90 years history and represents the Νο1 brand in the field of salt production in Greece.

Thus, KALAS first, in 1963, produces iodized salt in cooperation with UNICEF and the World Health Organization, contributing in the prevention of iodine shortage  in Greece.

KALAS owns two salt production plants and one to produce salads, mustards, mayonnaise and dressings and also four storage and distribution centers for cold and dry cargo.

All company's facilities, are certified with Quality Assurance System ISO 22000.

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It’s been a whole century since the first KYKNOS can appeared in Greek households. Since then much has changed. However, in all these years the consumers’ love and trust in KYKNOS have undoubtedly been enduring.

This means a lot for KYKNOS S.A. Greek Canning Company.

Faithful to their founder’s values since 1915: top quality products, care for people, ethical business practices and openness, are some them.

This is achieved by constantly inspecting every step of the production procedure: from seed to shelf, as they say. Only the finest crop goes into a KYKNOS can.  This is accomplished through a very well organized integrated crop management system in their farms.

In factory, close to ancient Olympia, produce, store and distribute according to the highest international quality standards.

Thanks to this commitment, KYKNOS is one of the leading companies of the Greek market with export activity in 15 countries around the world.

100 years after its first day of business, the first canning company in Greece and one of the oldest in Europe remains a strongly innovative company, way ahead of its time.

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REVAN was established in 1970, and its scope of operation it’s the design and production of high quality household products as aluminum foil, cling film, baking paper and containers.

For this reason, REVAN from the time of its establishment is analyzing and searching all the consumer behavior in order to produce more efficient and easy to use products. The result after many years, brought the creation of excellent value for money and especially attractive products.

Today, REVAN is one of the most professional and trustworthy Companies in the section of Household products in Greece.

Thanks to quality products and the respect of consumer needs, has succeed to be one of the most favorite Brand in the Greek Market.

Last year’s, REVAN export with big success in several countries around the Balkans and of course in Georgia.

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Georgian-European pasta industry, which produces a wide range of high quality sugar and cereal products under KALO brand name, was founded in 2003 and is located in Tbilisi.

​The building of the enterprise is equipped with the latest technological facilities, which is exploited by the team of professionals.

​The raw materials imported by the company, at the all stages are subject to the highest standards of quality control, while marketing and methodology is the guarantee of its success.

​That is why, the main goal of the company, is that the KALO to become the leading brand in the local market and the largest manufacturer of pasta and cereal in Georgia.

​Something who made Pasta KALO the first choice of the Georgian customer, is the combination of Italian style and Georgian taste.

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LA FAMILIA brand produced by GEOMILL which is one of the leading mills in Georgia in the field of wheat flour production, aimed at producing ecologically clean products using local raw materials and advanced technologies.

Products are manufactured by the BUHLER firm of 2010 model mill, whose similar does not exist in the South Caucasus. The packaging is going on the FAWEMA’s machine, that works fully in automatic mode. The mill capacity is 350 tones per day, which guarantees a smooth delivery of the products.

GEOMILL is the only mill in South Caucasus, which has obtained ISO standard certification, which once again emphasizes that the flour of La Famillia produced by him, is subject to strict control of quality assurance and meets the highest level of European standards.

The highest quality wheat is imported from Canada and Europe to produce flour, while made of flour is exported to Africa, Asia and Europe.

The brand LA FAMILIA, has a recognizable trademark and is distinguished by its original and easy-to-use design that allows for effective advertising campaigns.

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The CENTRAL CORE Company operates in Greece and its main mission is to produce and export high quality products.

It’s products are widespread in 7 countries market and its total sales amount is up to 48,000,000€

Their brand OILIVIA, made by a high-quality cold distilling Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is designed in a way to attract a modern customer who cares about his lifestyle, health, nutrition and the quality of the product.

The health benefits that has the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, attracts more and more customers every day, which reflects in an annual increase in olive oil sales.

CENTRAL CORE aims to introduce to the customers via OILIVIA a high quality  Extra Virgin olive oil, which is distinguished, with unique taste and flavor and contains a lot of features that are useful for health.

OILIVIA, has a smooth taste and a nice aroma, who gives an pleasant taste in  every meal.

As it is known, Greece is producing world-wide high quality cold distilling Extra Virgin Olive Oil and one of them is OILIVIA

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CENTRAL CORE operates in Greece and its main mission is to produce and export high quality products.

It’s products are widespread in 7 countries market and its total sales amount is up to 48,000,000€

Its brand DANUBE, is the highest quality of sesame halva, which is prepared in Greece, based on the old Greek recipe that combines traditional methods of halva preparation and natural ingredients.

DANUBE sesame halva, is quite different from any other kind of halva and has a very pleasant and unique taste.

But it is also the perfect dessert after lunch or dinner and coffee. 

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